who's T/HERE


Hello I am Asimina Chremos and this is a virtual space, established June 2018, where I share information about my current doings and thoughts in the areas of dance, improvisational performance, fiber arts, aikido practice, contemplative dance practice, and other things. Working on this website is a way to experiment with ways of framing and communicating my current and ongoing activities as a maker, mover, and cultural worker — in ways that make sense to me and are also a resource for others who may have similar interests. 

I realize it is conventional for an artist's website to give the visitor some sense of the artist's history, geography, and trajectory; also to include credentials, accolades, and other demonstration of how the artist's practice is valued by the world at-large, or at least by the standards in their field, for careerist purposes—I have chosen not to set up this site along such lines. This site is about a practice as it is now and as it is currently evolving. A practice naturally follows where it has been—actually quite a bit of history and current information is embedded/embodied here, but sussing that requires the reader to bring their own perceptiveness, experience and curiosity. I may eventually fill in the factual and historical gaps here in a more conventional way, but in the meantime I am very available to answer any questions, receive any comments, and begin new conversations. Please don't hesitate to send an email by clicking on the little envelope icon at the header or footer of this site.

Oh, I also work as a freelance grantwriter for other artists — find more information about my writing service at asiminachremos.com.

Photo by Mauri Walton 2015