Our experiences are never just our own


There is a Dover book called Crocheting Tablecloths and Placemats, edited by Florence Weinstein, that is my favorite resource for lacy crochet patterns. I retrieved my copy, which I hadn't used in awhile, from my studio this week because I needed some ideas for a piece I'm working on. I found a 3x5 card in the book with these three small notes, each in a different orientation on the page and each in a different color of pen or pencil.

our experiences are never just our own

restorative justice

hobby exp

I don't know when I made these notes. Understanding that we are all connected, and that we are part of a network, helps us realize that whatever we experience is being felt by others as well, but maybe in different ways. If I pull on one thread in a piece of lace, each part of the whole will be stressed differently.

Not sure what "hobby exp" is. "Exp" may stand for expenses, which reminds me of the constant questions I have about my own accounting methods, doing a creative practice and calling myself an artist in this society where money is the main measure of value. The expenses of doing my practice usually outweigh the income.

asimina chremos