In response to a call for proposals from The Chicago Dancemakers Forum for Elevate (a festival day of performance at the Chicago Cultural Center on October 21, 2018 with the broad program theme of Dance, Race, Space & Place), I created the score for RISE: Relationship is Self-Existing. Yesterday I found out my proposal was accepted. Yay!

Enacting this work will feel like a milestone. This idea synthesizes interests in fiber arts, Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP), and performance. I am calling the project a "participatory workshop, ritual, and performance." Fiber arts because of patterns and connections, CDP because the event will have time for both doing and observing, and performance because it evokes the kind of sensitivity to space and body/bodies that performers must cultivate.  RISE creates a space for, well, feeling space itself; also sensing our bodies, our relationships to Earth, Sky, and one another; and it also will leave behind a lacy pattern.  The score as I proposed it is here >

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